Tuna Comp Gets the Jump on Summer Training All Over the West

The trees are starting to change and it’s time to write an article for the TUNA News, so fall is right around the corner.  The TUNA Comp Ski Team had quite a summer with lots of training and adventure.  Although I am not good at taking photos during our training sessions, I am going to let the photos do the talking about our adventures.

Sun Valley

Summer training started on May 1st , and soon that after a small group headed to Sun Valley for a long weekend of skiing at the Galena Ski Trails.  There was still tons of snow at Galena and the Big Wood river was flooding.  We would drive up from Ketchum in the morning and first skate ski then classic ski when the snow softened up.  In the afternoons, we would go for hikes near town.  A big thanks to Rick Kapala for organizing the camp and the BCRD for grooming the trails to perfection.

Double Poling in Sun Valley


It wasn’t long until school was out and we were off to Bend, Oregon for more skiing.  Like Galena, Mt Bachelor had an amazing amount of snow left on June 9th when we showed up to ski — it snowed 4 inches on our first day.

After 5 days of skiing in the morning and hiking and mountain biking in the afternoon we were off to Pacific City, Oregon for a couple of days at the beach.  Unfortunately, a nasty stomach virus hit the team and no one was spared at least some discomfort. Plus, a huge storm hit Pacific City the day we arrived so there wasn’t much beach time.  We did a great adventure run in the storm up Cascade Head, and another run into a local state park along the ocean.

Back to Salt Lake

Once back in Salt Lake, the TUNA Comp Ski Team fell into a routine of everyday training.  We would rollerski, hike/run or mountain bike in the mornings with strength in the afternoons when it was hot.  Another big thank-you go to Krista and Rob at Anytime Fitness for letting us invade their gym, and to Rob for making us a strength program that was very challenging and kept everyone interested in going to the gym.

Sun Valley — Again!

We got one more trip to Sun Valley in for a pre-school training camp.  Once there, we focused on intensity with half of the total workouts being some kind of intervals.  We were fortunate to have members of the Sun Valley team join us for a couple of workouts and we rollerskied at their new training facility at Sage Willow.

Happy Campers in Galena, ID

Fall Training

Now that school has started, we have begun the familiar fall training routine.  Most of the Comp Team is also racing mountain bikes with NICA, and a few are running cross country.  All that, combined with school, make the Comp Team very busy and places an emphasis on rest and eating well.  The Jr. Comp Ski Team has started and can be found tearing around Sugarhouse Park on their rollerskis and adventuring in the foothills.


Steve Cook
Steve Cook is the Program Director and Head Coach for The Utah Nordic Alliance. He is also a multi-time Paralympic champion. When he isn’t herding cats or taking care of the comp team, he can be found riding his mountain bike.